Income Funnel For January

My Income Funnel For January

But first … What is an income funnel?

The definition of an income funnel (also known as a sales funnel or sales process) refers to the buying process that online businesses lead customers and clients through when purchasing products or services.

My income funnel is divided into six categories: 

  1. Free Content – is used to generate awareness about me and my brand. My free content could be a blog post, video (live or recorded), podcast or a webinar
  2. Lead Magnets – are created to encourage reader/views to opt-in to get additional free content, sometimes called content upgrades and to build my list.  The only requirement from my reader/viewer is they must give me their name and email before they can have access to the content upgrade.  
  3. Budget Offers – are an easy YES products. Meaning the price is kept so low it becomes really hard for a reader/viewer to say NO to purchasing it. The price point for my budget offers are between $5 – $27.
  4. Moderate Price Offers –  are products and services that require more of a commitment from my customers. And most of the time the commitment is their time and money.  Moderate price offers are priced between $47 – $197.  
  5. Exclusive Offers – are for customers who have showed a lot of interest in my products and services. My exclusive offers are for my VIP clients. They receive group or one-on-one attention from me and get access to premium content and training.  The price point for exclusive offers are between $295 – $995. 
  6. Loyalty Program- will be my Super Star Circle Monthly Accountability Program for any female entrepreneur who wants continue training and support.  I haven’t established a launch date yet, but as soon as decide- I will let you know. 🙂

Watch the video – as I explain in more detail about my January Income Funnel