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Hi, I'm Alease

I'm an entrepreneur, author, speaker, certified online marketing and branding expert.  I help women coaches and consultants create and build profitable brands online so they can generate consistent income in their business while sharing their message with the world.

This requires that you develop mastery in 3 main areas- Focus and Time Management, Personal Branding & Getting Clients.

Which of These Do You Need Help With Most?

Focus & Time Management

Develop laser focus and time management habits that will set the foundation for a long lasting profitable business that you love.


Getting Clients

Learn how to turn online followers/friends and email subscribers into paying clients and customers.


Personal Branding

Discover proven strategies to increase your visibility, stand out from others and position yourself as an expert in your market!


I Want It All!

10x productivity, powerful branding and client attraction marketing to help you become the Star entrepreneur you were meant to be

Ioana Denise Garrett

#BOOM!!! Just had a rock star strategy session with my business coach & mentor, Alease Michelle!!! One can never think they know it all or have it all together. Although I'm a business & success coach myself, I still know the power of being accountable to someone else! Thanks Alease!!

Ioana Denise Garrett, Awarding Winning Podcast Host & Business Coach
Shayla Courtney Varnado

Alease is one of the best brand coaches I've ever met or worked with. After years of working with me I can honestly say that recently many of the things she's taught me have truly CLICKED!   About a few months ago Alease said write a book. The opportunity came to me and that's exactly what I did! I wanted to share it with you all because in hopes that it will help entrepreneurs grow their businesses in a way that changes their lives!   Thank you Alease for inspiring me, pushing me, and being the best brand coach ever!

Shayla Courtney Varnado, Author & Entrepreneur