I Don’t Want To Be Like Them – Daily Motivation

Daily Motivation – I Don’t Want To Be Like Them

Hey guys. I’m driving and heading in to go teach a class. And. I was just thinking about … Jim Rhon says you’re the average of the five people you hang around and when I heard that some years ago I really had to re-evaluate the people that I was hanging around.  Because I didn’t want to be there to them people. 

 I didn’t want to be like them. I had my own dreams and aspirations and when I realized that the people that I was hanging around  was probably holding me back from my dreams and aspirations. I had let them go. 

I’m not saying that they were bad people… most of them are very nice people but they had a different mindset. They were going in a different direction than I was wanting to go. So I had to change. I didn’t want to be like them I didn’t want to do what they were doing. I wanted to do me.

 Typically when I really started to re-evaluate what that was that I wanted to do … I was different. And when I started to make those moves to live out my dreams and the lifestyle I wanted those friends looked at me and said you’re different.

 … Why do you want to do that. And that was the ding ding ding ding. Really for me that’s when I needed to change my environment. That I didn’t want to be like them. I want to be like them.

So what I want to say to you …  Look at your environment. Look at the people you are hanging around right now. I say people who can help uplift you. Encourage you. Maybe educate you teach you train you to help you reach your.

Goals help you live out your dreams. If those people are not. There or they’re not you’re not surrounded by those kind of people then it is your job and your responsibility to go find those people.

I’ve said this before and I know it’s easier said than. Told. Is that right.

I had to go to books because I didn’t have all those people around me. So I went to books and I found other people that were doing the things that I wanted to do was successful.

And then I started to mimic what they did. I know I highlighted the things that they said they did. And I started to implement those into my life.

So when you’re first starting now it might not be that easy to surround yourself with people doing what you want to do. But you have to make an effort if that’s what you want to do.

So you have to think in your mind change your mindset that I don’t want to be like them. I want to be like them. I got my own dreams and aspirations. I want to be like me.

I want to do what makes me happy.  Guys have a great day.