3 Top Ways To Market A Self-Publish Book

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Let me just tell you guys… this topic is what I’ve been talking about for the past two weeks about Publishing Your Own Book and the reason why this is a topic that I’ve been harping on you for so long … because when I sit down with my client the first time we you know we have our strategy session I asked them what is it that they want to do.

 98 percent of them all want to make some type of the impact They want to influence or make some type of impact with other people. And I totally get that.

And I totally get it because make enough goals and changing people’s lives is a great mission to have. That’s one of my missions in life and goals. And so one of the ways that I asked people you know how do we reach the masses how do we start to open up doors and opportunities for you to make a difference and make an impact in people’s lives.

And a lot of times it balls down to having a book.

Now I’m going to be real with you because that’s what I do. I’m a real person you know and I’m always going to give you the up and up. You’re not going to make a whole lot of money from books as you become a millionaire. But what a book will do for you. 

It will open up opportunities for you that you would not typically have. That could be more speaking opportunities to share your mission to share your vision. It could be start a new business coach and business get more clients because they see that you have a book that’s a way that they can test you out first.

 It’s also going to get you more media appearances because if you have a new book The media is always interested in new content. So this is one of the things that I like to sit down with my clients and discuss if they’re ready to write their first book. Now don’t push it because I know sometimes writing a book can be really over whelming but that’s the point of working with me and that’s my point of you , asking a question that writing a book is not overwhelming stress when you have someone who can guide you step by step.

Matter of fact the client I’m working with right now is one again one of my superstars and we literally sat down and said OK we’re going to have a book reading in about 30 days 30 to 40 days. We’re right on the 30 day mark and we are about to send it to press. OK so it’s feasible.  A book doesn’t have to be 500 pages either write a book could be about one topic and you gone into that topic very detail.

Let’s dive right into the 3 Top Ways To Market Your Self-Published Book.

1. Find Out What Your Chosen Market Really Wants

What most write like to, especially some of us who are just writers by nature but just haven’t hit the publish button on a book is that we like to write from the heart.

And I think that’s great right. I think that’s awesome. I think that’s really awesome when you write from the heart in your journal. When we go into book marketing as a business as a way to brand ourselves we want to write about topics that people want to read about.

So how do you find out what people want to read…  There’s so many ways social media has allowed it to be so easy.

One of the ways that you can find out what people really want is to go into Facebook groups, especially those active Facebook groups who are just talking and chatting it up and asking questions and struggling with this and you know asking for solutions to problems that they have. That is your prime group to start to get information. 

Maybe you are in a cooking group right.  You never find me in a cooking group because that’s not my strong point but just in case you’re in a cooking group , a vegan cooking  group. When  someone post  they struggle with is finding recipes that kids would eat right.  That would be an awesome book : Vegan Recipes That Your Kids Will Love To Eat. That’s the book it’s based on your solving a problem that you saw on a group.

Another way you can find out what people want and are interested in reading is to go to Amazon. Amazon is the number two largest internet research.  You can go to Amazon look into the genre that you plan to write in.

Look for the bestselling book within that genre  and start looking at reviews. Look at  those reviews were books that have like 200 – 300 reviews. You’ve great research right there. So go into those reviews. Look at the ones that are good reviews. And look at the ones that are bad reviews. And look what people are saying.

What is it that they’ve liked about the book?  Because that’s what you want to include in your book. Then you want to look at what they dislike about the book. Whatever they dislike about the book maybe there was something they wished they went into more detail about maybe it was just too long.  Maybe it was a cooking book. Maybe they wish there were pictures in it.

That’s one of the things that I like,  a cookbook with photos, I need to see what my food will look like after I cook it.   And If that’s some of the things that you see in the comments include that in your book.

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2. Hook People on Your Book Story

Now what I mean by that hook people on the book story. Well you already have a reason or purpose for writing your book. You want to share that story with someone. Let’s go back to the vegan recipe book

The key is I can share with my audience all my potential readers that the backstory for the purpose of writing this book . I go in and say you know I became a vegan because I wanted to change my lifestyle.  I wanted to eat more healthy I want to eat clean. You know I had a battle with breast cancer and that’s the truth.   I had a battle with breast cancer and now I’ve made the transition of being a vegan and now I want my family to live a long time.

I want my family to eat healthy. So I am creating a book for my children. OK. I want my children to have a resource so that they can make their own recipes when they want to that they can share. And I also want to provide a resource for you so that you can provide recipes for your kids. That’s the backstory.

That’s the purpose of writing the book. And if you can come up with your story – we all have a story for the reasons why you are  writing this book. Share the backstory. Share the backstory in e-mail on social media on Facebook lives you then plug in … “hey you can get a copy of my book or you can pre-order my book,  or I have an e-book.” 

What people connect with the most is how you are relateable to them or how closely knit you are to their life. 

So I can easily see that there is a mom out there who is who’s become a vegan. But the rest of her family just hates the food. So what is she to do. Is she supposed to create two separate meals.

For me that would be crazy because I don’t really like to cook . And creating two separate meals would not happen. But she really wants to create this one big meal and she wants her family to love it. So this book would really help her do that. And me sharing my back story about why this is important to my family is going to be something important to her too.  It creates immediate connection.

And I think a lot of times we  just don’t share the back story enough about the things that we are doing.  And where you are right now because people want to know that they want to know when they want to connect with you.


3. Become Expert in Asking

This is a big one because we have to let go of ego a little bit and we have to step outside of our comfort zone a little bit. So the third top way to market your self-published book is to start to ask.

Start asking people to share your book. Start  asking people to write reviews about your book. Start asking people to download the first two chapters of the book and give me your thoughts and opinion.

You must asked. The only way book marketing is going to happen is if you start to promote it and tell people about it. No one is going to just wake up one morning and say oh I’m going to get Trisha vegan recipe cookbook.  No they’re not. They need to see it as many times as possible.

Typically people need to see whatever you’re offering seven to ten times before they take action.  And taking action might be just clicking on it to look at it. And then they might need to see it seven to 10 more times to click on it and by it. so asking people and put them in front of people as often as possible it’s going to help you market your book.


So if you put those three book marketing strategies that I just share with you in action then you are going to successfully market your book.

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[NOTE: Plan Your Book Today! Get Instant Access to The Ultimate Book Marketing Kit > HERE.]