Using Social Proof to Create Buyers

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First let’s define Social Proof:

Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.  Wikipedia 

For example, if someone is raving about a certain product you will be tempted to look at it with a view to purchasing it as well. As a business owner you want to take this concept and apply it to your products.

Another way to look at social proof is by having the attitude of “if they can do it, so I can”. If they can afford to have an iPhone then why not me?

One simple way to employ this concept for your business is by using social sharing buttons on your blog. If you display the number of shares your post has been liked or Tweeted, you will find that others will share your post too. Again, they are just following the lead of the person that went before them.

Social proof is one that is used by bars and restaurants all the time. They get you to line up outside the door, so a crowd forms. This makes them look as though they are a busy and popular restaurant. The end result is that they gain more customers, those that see the lineups figure they need to check out the place too.

There are actually 3 different categories of social proof that you should be employ as a business owner. These are:

1. Expert Social Proof – this is when you get a review or guest post from an authoritive person in your field. Even though expert proof isn’t as popular, many companies feature celebrities or experts in their ads.


2. Celebrity Social Proof – is getting an unpaid endorsement from a celebrity.


3. User Social Proof – these are the reviews, likes and testimonials that come from customers who have tried and liked your product or service. User social proof  lets you shine a spotlight on your customers’ good experiences with your brand, which then peaks shoppers’ interest and influences their decission to buy.

It might be possible for you to get all three types of social proof for your products. The third one is usually the easiest to get. A happy customer is eager to leave their opinion of your product and they are happy to spread the word to all of their acquaintances.

Don’t discount posting reviews on your blog or website either. These can have a huge impact on your sales figures. People are in the habit today of searching for reviews before making a purchase. So why not have your website show up with a great review on it for them?

(NOTE: Need to be more consistent with marketing and building your brand? Grab my FREE Branding & Business Toolkit by clicking HERE.)


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