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Ashleigh OliverSHE PUSHED ME AND KEPT ME MOTIVATED. When I launched my business in April 2012 Alease had my back 1000%. She unconditionally supported and encouraged me. She’s the type of person everyone needs on their side. At first, I thought I could do everything on my own, let’s face it that’s ridiculous everyone needs help along the way and she was that for me. She pushed me and kept me motivated. With our first meeting she gave me a list, order of importance when launching my business, and where to go from here. I knew how to do a business plan, market, and buy merchandise but it wasn’t until Alease gave me clear direction of where I was going and what I wanted my brand to be. She is the coach that pushes you and tells you that if you want it -go after it and helps you get there.

Ashleigh Nicole Oliver ~  Online Boutique Owner 

SHE HELPED ME BALANCE MY LIFE… Alease is a very compassionate person who truly enjoys helping and empowering people. Alease has helped me developed my pathway to freedom. I came to her with a vision and an undeveloped plan on how to achieve it. She heard my vision, developed a plan and helped me obtain money saving resources that allowed me accomplish many of my goals, both professional and personal. She is patient and knowledgeable.  I spent my life being busy, but not completing anything, I WAS BUSY DOING Nothing. She helped me balance my life  and understand how valuable time is. She is truly been a blessing to me, not only is she my coach, but has become my friend.

Nkeru Ezechukwu – Fashion Stylist


Feeling inspired thanks to Alease's training it helps me strengthen my passion and streamline my thoughts. Just what I needed so as not to waste my weekend away

Gousalya Siva, Mother & Artist

Kimberly CholeSuccess!!!!. Our first event was a hit! We had to share. We were a huge standout and the love from the customers was overwhelming. The feedback and repeat patronage was amazing!!! Thanks for the support & coaching, Alease!

Kimberly-Chloe Wilson, Founder of "The Butter Bar"

 DairnInspiring, informative and real power sessions. The classes have boosted my confidence and showed me how to add value to what I already know. BIG UPS TO ALEASE ...LIFE CHANGER!!

Darian L. Young,  iModel Consulting


crystal -at_Book_Store_A-150x150

Before working with Alease, I didn't have a clue about, blogging, branding, or simply just making my business grow. Our one-on-one sessions has provided me with the insight to consistently take my business to the next level. Although it's been a lot of hard work, time, and effort - I would not have been able to accomplish any of my goals as a business owner without Alease. Thanks Alease!

Dr. Crystal Green - Certified Health, Nutrition & Life Coach - AskDrCris.com


Alease is the best branding coach. She has given me branding advice that has not only gotten my name and product out, but I now have back orders that I can barely keep up with. She is amazing, I don't even have a website yet and I'm already seeing profits ,and my business is paying for itself. I'm truly blessed to have met such an individual that truly cares and gives sound easy to follow branding advice!

Whitney Mosley - Makeup Artist 

The Twin CrowdWe just wanted to say thank you! Without all of your knowledge, guidance and support we would not have been able to create something that represents me so well. You have given us all of the tools to build an amazing blog and you have also taught us how to build my brand by using social media and beyond. You are an outstanding coach and We honestly would not have been able to do this without you! Thank you again you are truly amazing:)

Amber & Gabrielle Mancino - Lifestyle Bloggers - TheTwinCrowd.com

ShanniseI am working  with Alease Michelle and I will have to say our first meeting was awesome. I feel like I have clarity in my vision for my life's work.

Shannise J. - New Media Journalist

Mollie“I’ve been working really hard on my personal brand a lot lately. Wanted to share I hit a record high with one of my fashion looks – 101 views in less than 24 hours! Thanks for your help.”  

Mollie Bradford - Ssecrets of Style.com

shayla"By working with Alease I now have become more consistent with my production and am no longer wasting energy in things that will not benefit my brand and my business. I have begun to see results in my efforts and people are beginning to see the expert in me all from channeling my vision into reality.  Alease made this happen by listening to what I wanted and giving me the tools I needed to make my reality become my brand. Without her I do not think all of the progress that I have made would have happened as smoothly nor as effortlessly as it did."  

Shayla Courtney -  Personal Stylist

Takisa“Alease gave me the resources and tools I need to go to the next level of my success. I’m at a point in my life were I’m trying to brand myself. I can honestly say that before this program I had things totally backwards, but what I didn’t know was that in order to do what I want to do, I have to do the things I NEED to do and that’s start with SELF. Thank you so much Alease, you are a GREAT coach and motivator. I am honored to have been taught by you.”

Takisa Clark, Personal Stylist

Candice"Alease is an outstanding coach, she keeps me on track and holds me accountable to do the task that I have planned to do. In learning how to balance my time she told me to think about my business as a part time job that I am working so I must put in hours.She is organized, to the point and shows me several ways that I can increase my worth, financially and as a speaker. Not only did she help me increase my worth but she also assisted me in increasing my speaking engagements. In working with Alease you have no choice but to win!"

Candice Caldwell, Motivational Speaker

Ryan JonesJust wanted to say thank you for your support, and all your coaching on building a brand. It really helped out - I'm getting a lot of freelance work!  Thanks!

Ryan Jones,  Social Media & PR

bethany“Alease did the best job explaining from the ground up how to build a blog and make it flourish. She reviewed step by step how to pick a template, inserting buttons & video, how to be professional, finding inspiration for your blog posts and titles, and getting hits. She has never hesitated to always share her knowledge and believe in you. I believe that has made all the difference.”

Bethany Boone - Photographer

Mallory“I finally have my facebook page up. So far I ‘ve increased my followers by 12%. This is so awesome! I am so excited to finally be moving things along, part of the thanks goes to Alease for the extra push as well as the shared information on personal branding. Thank you so much.”

Mallory McLane, Online Fashion Editor

Courtney Singletary - Alease Michelle Personal Branding Coach"I had the pleasure of attending the Great Woman Bootcamp held by Alease Michelle. It was an amazing experience and I’m more focused than EVER! I was gifted her book Greatness Is In The Comeback and I haven’t been able to put it down. If you are looking for ways to brand yourself and you have to get this book it is life changing!!!” 

Courtney Singletary, Fashion Blogger

CharlesI’ve received over 55,000 visitors to my site due all the help I received from Alease. I have learned so much from her as she has mentored me in developing and promoting my brand. If you are a creative person looking to find an outlet for your creativity then you need to sign up for one of your courses. ” 

Charles Easley, Educator & Writer

annaYour blogging workshops was extremely helpful!  I have received instant benefits, now at 136 followers 🙂 from when I started I had around 7 followers. I have learned how to purchase  my own domain, and how to successfully drive traffic to my blog through use of social media.

Your workshops are great for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  I came in at as an intermediate and have already learned quite a few tricks. You are to teach in a way  that's easy to follow and understand, which I find to be the best approach, and "real."

Anna Fox - Makeup Artist & Fashion Stylist

Tiffany lee“Alease has helped me throughout my whole process of starting a business from the ground up. She has helped me to organize my business and speak with confidence resulting in me being able to communicate about my business any time I needed to.

She has also helped me extensively in building lasting relationships resulting in successful business partnerships.

And she has been an even better professional sounding board, she knows what people in the industry are looking for, and have been honest enough with me to give me realistic expectations and goals."

Tiffany Lee - Owner of Ego sum Cosmetics

alex“Since working with Alease, I have a much better understanding of the importance of social media and how to use it to grow my business. I have increased my contacts 300%, increased the number of clients through social media by 4 times.”  

Alex B. Jones - Salon Industry Expert & Small Business Coach

RachelI'd like to give special recognition to  my branding coach Alease Michelle for her knowledge in helping me through the process of building my own company, updating marketing strategies and promoting myself as a professional brand.

With her background in the industry, I have been given strategies that have QUADRUPLED my sales in just my 3rd month of launching. It's truly what she stands for as the Lady Boss Club leader in empowering woman to branch out and be successful. Thank you!! Sincerely, a new entrepreneur.  

Rachel Robinson - Ray Marie's Boutique 


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