The Get Things Done Method

Get Things Done Method

This weekend I met with a good friend and client of mine on how to implement social media into her daily work life. Well once we started talking we quickly realized that what she really needed was a schedule to help her get things done instead of working on a social media plan. So we worked out an 5 day – 6 hour schedule to help her organize her time.

So how does an Entrepreneur Get Things Done?

The Get Things Done Method

1. Create a work environment that supports your work style.

Do you need to listen to music, or are you easily distracted by the television, do you need to work away from home?

Pay closer attention to what type of work environment relaxes you and creates a more productive life style.

2. Identify all the things in your life that shouldn’t be there.

Create a stop doing list.

Write down all the things you need to stop doing. One of the biggest things for me – was taking phone calls after 6pm.

Now I just turn off my phone – and allow voice mail to catch the calls.

3. Put your stuff in the right place.

This requires setting up a filing system both on line and offline.

For creative people- this can be very hard. but I suggest you start slow.

Start with papers on your desk- file them away and then maybe tackle your computer desktop- remove files that you no longer need, and create a desktop folder for the files you open often.

Basically- I am saying you have to take control of your entrepreneurial life – get rid of things that hold you back. Everything in your life should have a reason for being there.

These simple steps will give you an amazing kind of confidence and a clear understanding of what’s on your agenda for the day.

So, What are you doing with your extra hour of time?

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