Client Love

Amber & Gabrielle Mancino

I just wanted to say thank you! Without all of your knowledge, guidance and support we wouldn’t have been able to create something that represents us so well. You have given us all of the tools to build an amazing blog and you have also taught us how to build our brand by using social media and beyond.  You are an outstanding coach and we honestly wouldn’t have been able to do this without you!  Thank you again you are truly amazing 😊

Amber & Gabrielle Mancino , The Twin Crowd - Lifestyle Blog
Shayla Courtney Varnado

Alease is one of the best brand coaches I've ever met or worked with. After years of working with me I can honestly say that recently many of the things she's taught me have truly CLICKED!   About a few months ago Alease said write a book. The opportunity came to me and that's exactly what I did! I wanted to share it with you all because in hopes that it will help entrepreneurs grow their businesses in a way that changes their lives!   Thank you Alease for inspiring me, pushing me, and being the best brand coach ever!

Shayla Courtney Varnado, Author & Entrepreneur
Ioana Denise Garrett

#BOOM!!! Just had a rock star strategy session with my business coach & mentor, Alease Michelle!!! One can never think they know it all or have it all together. Although I'm a business & success coach myself, I still know the power of being accountable to someone else! Thanks Alease!!

Ioana Denise Garrett, Awarding Winning Podcast Host & Business Coach
Charles Easley

All I can say is wow! I have a brand new client that just signed on for my deluxe media package and I have two new strategy calls scheduled just for today. Thank you Alease Michelle for all your tips, resources and professional coaching!

Charles Easley , Author & Writing Coach
Davelle Davis

Working with Alease has brought much needed clarity and focus to my thinking. Through her creation of a strategic and targeted plan, I’ve learned to serve my audience better and gained much needed insight into my business. Her coaching was specific and extremely helpful. She quickly got to the heart of the matter in a manner that was energizing, productive and encouraging. She has truly given me the support, focus and confidence needed to take my business to the next level

Davelle Davis , Accountant & Small Business Coach
Cadertrus Fikes

When you finally get out of your own way and get your very first clients and they pay the deposit. Woo hoo… It’s on! This was definitely a learning experience, but I am all in. Thank you Alease for all of your support and guidance.

Cadertrus Fikes , Web Designer