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Hey, I am Alease. I am a branding coach, marketing professor, best-selling author and a solo entrepreneur.  

I have over 17+ years of experience in marketing, business development, and leadership training.  I know to can say I’m an entrepreneur- a few years back I actually had no idea of what I was doing. Because of my struggles, I’ve  now have an unrelenting commitment to helping other women entrepreneurs create thriving brands so that they can increase their incomes, get more clients and achieve success in their personal and business lives.  

“I tell and show you what other entrepreneurs will not.”

I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in a dozen of industries -wellness & health providers, boutique owners, realtors, financial planners, fashion designers, beauty professionals, chefs , pastors and music artists.

I’ve been featured in Somerset Studio, Creative Loafing, Charlotte Observer, Ai In Site, Pride Magazine, Uptown Magazine,WSOC TVSuccess Stalkers Radio, Biz Chix Podcast & Business Women Rock as well awarded Faculty of the Year, Ai Leader Spotlight, and Goodwill Outstanding Community Leader.

My products, workshops and coaching style is creative, straight forward and easy to implement into your busy life.

My clients will tell you that my courses and advice provide massive results. Many of clients have exceeded their business goals once they started working with me. This is what I can do for you as well.

Provide proven and practical takeaways  you can use immediately to make effective, meaningful change in your business.

I know you have the talent and drive to live out your passion, change the world and to be financially free… but  you just didn’t know where to start. UGH!! I’ve been there.

I too was clueless when I first started my business. I struggled for many years to communicate my value to the world. I would have done almost anything to get answers to my questions. Eventually I found help from attending workshops, purchasing online courses and hiring mentors.

me with ...

It’s a very rewarding experience for me to help others reach their goals without the headaches and stress I endured.   So, if you would like assistance with transforming your passion into an income generating business – then CLICK HERE to schedule a PASSION PROFIT PLANNING session with me. 

I look forward to working with you. Let’s Get Started, Today!


Nice Things People Are Saying 

SHE HELPED ME BALANCE MY LIFE… Alease is a very compassionate person who truly enjoys helping and empowering people. Alease has helped me developed my pathway to freedom. I came to her with a vision and an undeveloped plan on how to achieve it. She heard my vision, developed a plan and helped me obtain money saving resources that allowed me accomplish many of my goals, both professional and personal. She is patient and knowledgeable.  I spent my life being busy, but not completing anything, I WAS BUSY DOING Nothing. She helped me balance my life  and understand how valuable time is. She is truly been a blessing to me, not only is she my coach, but has become my friend.

Nkeru Ezechukwu – Fashion Stylist

Ashleigh OliverSHE PUSHED ME AND KEPT ME MOTIVATED. When I launched my business in April 2012 Alease had my back 1000%. She unconditionally supported and encouraged me. She’s the type of person everyone needs on their side. At first, I thought I could do everything on my own, let’s face it that’s ridiculous everyone needs help along the way and she was that for me. She pushed me and kept me motivated. With our first meeting she gave me a list, order of importance when launching my business, and where to go from here. I knew how to do a business plan, market, and buy merchandise but it wasn’t until Alease gave me clear direction of where I was going and what I wanted my brand to be. She is the coach that pushes you and tells you that if you want it -go after it and helps you get there.

Ashleigh Nicole Oliver ~  Online Boutique Owner 

16 Things You May or May Not Know About Me 

1. Nominated “Most Mischievous” in High school. Really don’t know how I was nominated for that- maybe because I was quiet and kept to myself!!!

2. Every dog I have owned- have been poodles. I guess it was my calling to become a  Sigma Gamma Rho.

3. If I had been a boy, my mom would have named my Christopher Bernard. Glad she had a girl because I like Alease Michelle a lot better.

4. I am naturally an introvert- but I have taught myself to be more of extrovert when my career calls for it.

5. Favorite movie as a child – “The 10 Commandments”. Favorite movie as an adult- ‘Love Jones

6. I hate things turned on an angle. I like everything straight and vertical. Does that mean I might be a little OCD?

7. I am allergic to grapes. Does anyone have any suggestions of any good apple wines? Do they exist?

8. I teach fashion, but rarely look at any fashion related magazines. I just adore the home decorating ones.

9. I collect magnets from every city I visit. I have collection of about 50+. So if you are planning to take a trip- bring me a magnet back.

10. In 8th grade , at least once a week I wore my Michael Jackson Thriller jacket, grey parachute pants and grey soft bottom jazz shoes.  So 1980’s!!

11. Can say hello in 3 languages – Make it 4… English (a given), Spanish, German and Swahili

12. In college, I interned at the South Carolina State House as a House of Representative Page .

13. I went to college to study computer science, but I graduated with an BA in Art Studio with a concentration in graphic design.

14.  I’ve always wanted to be an actress. My first major acting role was for a community playhouse. I played the role of a drug addict.

15. Not fond of clowns. There is something about the white face and the painted on smile that scares me. Go Figure!

16. I do not like ice cream, it makes me thirsty!



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Do you need a speaker for your next event? 

Free Seminar with AleaseI have an unrelenting commitment to excellence, I am often asked to serve as subject-matter expert for spotlight interviews.  

Topics I speak on: personal branding, leadership, and relationship networking, as well as fashion related topics. Click here for Speaker Real & Presentation Topics 



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