About  Alease Michelle

Alease SittingHello, I'm Alease (pronounced A – LEASE ). I'm a certified online marketing specialist and branding coach.  I help women plan, launch and build full- time profitable business and personal brands so that they create consistent income doing what they love.

So those fears about failure, not able to figure out how to make money from your passion and being forced to stay at a job you hate or have outgrown ... You no longer have to worry about those things. Finally the answers you've been looking for!

I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in a dozen of industries -wellness & health providers, boutique owners, realtors, financial planners, fashion designers, beauty professionals, chefs , pastors and music artists.

I’ve been featured in Somerset Studio, Creative Loafing, Charlotte Observer, Ai In Site, Pride Magazine, Uptown Magazine,WSOC TVSuccess Stalkers Radio, Biz Chix Podcast & Business Women Rock as well awarded Faculty of the Year, Ai Leader Spotlight, and Goodwill Outstanding Community Leader.

My products, workshops and coaching style is creative, straight forward and easy to implement into your busy life.

My clients will tell you that my courses and advice provide massive results. Many of clients have exceeded their business goals once they started working with me. This is what I can do for you as well.

I know you have the talent and drive to live out your passion, change the world and to be financially free… but you just didn’t know where to start. UGH!! I’ve been there.

I too was clueless when I first started my business. I struggled for many years to communicate my value to the world. I would have done almost anything to get answers to my questions. Eventually I found help from attending workshops, purchasing online courses and hiring mentors.

It’s a very rewarding experience for me to help others reach their goals without the headaches and stress I endured. So, if you would like assistance with turning your passion into a profitable business – DOWNLOAD my FREE BRANDING & BUSINESS TOOLKIT .



Takisa“Alease gave me the resources and tools I need to go to the next level of my success. I’m at a point in my life were I’m trying to brand myself. I can honestly say that before this program I had things totally backwards, but what I didn’t know was that in order to do what I want to do, I have to do the things I NEED to do and that’s start with SELF. Thank you so much Alease, you are a GREAT coach and motivator. I am honored to have been taught by you.”

Takisa Clark, Personal Stylist

The Twin CrowdWe just wanted to say thank you! Without all of your knowledge, guidance and support we would not have been able to create something that represents me so well. You have given us all of the tools to build an amazing blog and you have also taught us how to build my brand by using social media and beyond. You are an outstanding coach and We honestly would not have been able to do this without you! Thank you again you are truly amazing:)

Amber & Gabrielle Mancino - Lifestyle Bloggers - TheTwinCrowd.com

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SpeakingI have an unrelenting commitment to excellence, I am often asked to serve as subject-matter expert for spotlight interviews.

Topics I speak on: branding, blogging, and social media , as well as business start-up topics. Click here for Speaker Real & Presentation Topics